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We are a grassroots group that has come together to stand for medical freedom, religious freedom, and seek truth from the medical world. Our group includes employees whose were terminated based on Covid 19 vaccine mandates, families who have lost loved ones who were placed on Remdesivir in hospitals, as well as people that have been targeted by medical giants pushing for gender reassignment surgeries.

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Fresno, CA

Remdesivir - Fresno, CA

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Remdesivir, a drug used previously on ebola patients, resulted in 53% of people dying.  Hospitals now administer this same medicine to Covid patients. Many patients and families begged that it not be administered but the hospitals forced many to take it against their wishes. 14 families who lost loved ones after they took Remdesivir now fight to bring awareness to what is happening, as they miss their loved ones who have passed

Failed Gender Reassignment Surgery 

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Young man coerced into gender reassignment surgery resulting in permanent castration speaks out against exploitation as medical giants line their pockets

LAPD Vaccine Mandates

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Lawsuit filed on behalf of over 2,100 LAPD officers and civilian employees against the city of Los Angeles for discriminatory practices related to Covid vaccine mandates

Rady Children's Hospital Fires Unvaccinated

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41 former employees at Rady Children’s Hospital take legal action for religious discrimination

Kaiser Hospital
Fires Unvaccinated

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Over 400 Kaiser employees prepare to file lawsuit against medical giant for unlawful termination due to Covid 19 mandates

CHOMP Hospital Fires Unvaccinated

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36 employees sue CHOMP Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula for wrongful discharge

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